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Join Date: 09-23-2017
Location: Egypt
Posts: 187

Last Activity: 07-14-2019 12:46 PM
Upgraded Female Account
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The Basics

Name BigTittyLou
User ID 421324
Phone Number After Screening
Website http://google church near me
Metro Location Africa - Egypt
Age 25


Ethnicity Caucasian / White
Build Curvy
Height 4' 11"
Weight 135lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Red (Medium)
Piercings Ears
Tattoos Several
Grooming Bare
Smoking Non-Smoker

Latest Weekly Update

About Me

Biography Ive witnessed Gods power.

A Sinners Prayer
Im going to start this off by calling on Jesus, Lord Jesus. Lord may Your will be done upon this post & not my own. I understand God that there is a spiritual warfare going on. Ive reached on to eccie multiple times to have my account deleted, because when it comes to taking that step of faith & call on you.. it is hard, very hard. Lord Jesus I also understand we all have our own time, to own journey, and we all have different walks in this life we live. God I know there are some women on here working, waking up everyday- and instead of praying, they come check their inbox. They wake up with anxiety hoping that the money for their bills is awaiting for them in their inbox. Lord Jesus I know their are men on here that are seeking for desires to be fulfilled so they pay for what they are seeking for. Even after they have paid for a desire, they still feel an emptiness. Lord Jesus that leads back to you, Your will in our life is easier then any other. Lord Jesus you promise us if we turn away from sin and call on you, your grace, your mercy, YOUR FULFILLMENT.. that you will fill us up and complete us in ways the world cant.

Lord Jesus I pray to you that you help me serve you. Lord Jesus I pray before this post gets deleted that you will allow the eyes to see that need to see it the most Lord Jesus I thank you for allowing me to be alive today to even write this post. Lord Jesus I thank you for giving me the strength and courage to write this post God.

I always thought my last days in the game would be me posting an ad Lou is retiring but by the grace of God I am here today to say I am turning away from sin, Lord Jesus I pray that you use this post to help plant a seed of YOU in peoples lifes.

Thank you for helping me wih everything. I pray that you help all providers and hobbyists. I pray you bring them peace,love, and faithfulness. I pray that you help them follow their heart even when it is hard God.

Lord Jesus I owe this to you, and I owe everyday of my life to you God. Lord Jesus I pray that you help me and others walk in your beautiful light. I pray God that you help the mothers on here know that their kids deserve their time & can not be filled by materialistic things, but only the love, hugs, kisses, advice, & support all of their life God. I pray you help the mothers who have lost their kids to the system- Lord Jesus help them know if they stop & turn away from sin & call on you and serve you.. that you will bring their kids back to them, even when it seems impossible. You are a God filled with miracles Lord Jesus & I KNOW THAT FOR A FACT.

I love you God. I pray you have mercy on me for all of the sinning I have done & hurt I have caused others. I pray God that you help me and others leave this part of our past behind God.

Lord Jesus please keep me alive to serve you & be a mama to my daughter.

I love you God. Thank you for YOUR mighty ways. Lord Jesus I love you.

I am nothing without YOU GOD

In Jesus Name I pray!


Pray for him to show you.

I pray for him to show you.

I pray for him in Jesus name to keep the enemy far far away from those who know it was meant for them to see all of this.

We are all Gods children and this is HIS world, He left us directions, & our directory is the Bible.

As an innocent little girl
I used to walk around the store
Having a thought at everyone I see
Knowing that would be me
You know like a fireman, nurse, doctor saving lifes from cancer
Until I dropped out of school
& became an exotic dancer
New to it all the money was good
But I didnt invest, spent it all in the hood
Knowing I could be doing more then that
I didnt care, every night I got off- named brand wallet was always fat
Then drugs turned to love, & that love- turned to loving a wanna be thug
My life story goes on & on
More like a book instead of a song
So after that- got introduced to a new game
With different tricks, and the money was better- it wasnt the same
So I did what I had to do, & it took years for me that feel ashamed
With the pimps up & hoes down
I wasnt involved but I seen it all, been around
I got fed up & tried to save my innocence before it was too late
Electric off, no car, with only myself to blame
So what did I do?
Get back in the game
I gotta little girl now & I'm making sure shell never want for nothing
& yeah I gotta get this money the only way I know how before that landlord starts bugging
So doing whatever I had to do
& if you were me please tell me how would you get through
I have to say it, at this point now it is what it is
I can tell you one thing tho, no one wants their daughter to live like this
I see the same pain in my own moms eyes
Some people ignore the pain they are giving others
Thinking that money, over pain it will cover
Others are real & cry theirselves to sleep at night
Knowing the life they chose
But like I said - it is what it is.

God understands. I wrote this 3 years ago when my daughter was 1. She is now 4, and her mama has learned so much since. All Glory To God All Glory To Jesus All Glory To The Most High

Thank you God for hearing these cries and helping me hold on to you

May all of you HOLD ON TO GOD no matter what you are doing

A change is coming!

In Jesus Name


Likes Blessings
Favorite Beverages Water


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07-05-2019 Encounter by Zoginator Yes
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06-25-2019 Encounter by realfire085 Yes
06-23-2019 Encounter by js9ls8 Yes
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05-21-2019 Encounter by Hobbyman28 Yes
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