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Join Date: 01-21-2018
Location: Shreveport
Posts: 36

Last Activity: 03-19-2019 05:08 AM
Upgraded Female Account
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The Basics

Name 1Elle
User ID 439071
Email one.elle318@gmail.com
Phone Number 3184141002
Metro Location Louisiana - Shreveport / Bossier City
Age 37


Ethnicity Caucasian / White
Build Slender
Measurements 32D-24-32
Breasts Enhanced No
Height 5' 0"
Weight 105lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Red (Long)
Tattoos A Few
Grooming Bare
Smoking Daily

Latest Weekly Update


About Me

Biography *save this number 318.414.1002*

I am a "fun-sized" petite woman standing five feet, with a tiny waist, lovely 32D natural breasts, a long riot of wild red curls that frame expressive, often laughing blue eyes, and a beautiful open, animated face full of wicked humor. I am a red head so, of course, I have a fiery side and it can burn brightly. WARNING DO NOT PUSH THE RED HEADS BUTTONS! However, my ire is always short lived, and for that I am thankful, seeing red is too intense a feeling to sustain. I am fairly new to the hobby, but I must say this, I love it! I absolutely love it! I have an insatiable appetite for adventure, new people, new experiences and for... life.

My curious and inquisitive nature coupled with an open mind allows our time together to have endless possibilities. Are you seeking the excitement you used to feel, the comfort of a sensual companion, or do you want to explore a new side of yourself and test your limits? I am the one you want! My demeanor is never timid. I am, without doubt, a people person. I love to talk, TRUE, but I am a great listener, as well. I am attracted to intelligence, confidence, humor, irony and a man who can use his mouthpiece to make me laugh.

I am affectionate, empathetic, physically intuitive, I have an innate and ignored until now, ability to enflame passion and incite desire. Those previously ignored gifts serve me well as a provider. I am loyal, funny, and I love to play and laugh. I have been called Tigger from Winnie the Pooh since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I owe the nickname to my bouncy, vivacious, and excitable personality. I am Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy and Tiggers are wonderful things as am I. I believe in the art of pleasure, in laughter, fun, and in being consciously happy. I am discreet and cautious with others personal privacy because I understand the delicate balance and fragility of marriage. We all hide behind masks and unmask in front of very few if any. For whatever reason you hide there is no reason to do so with me. I will never speak of the alternate reality where we exist for a hour or two.

My personal credo is to be a positive force in the world, help people, especially the disadvantaged, make a difference in the lives of others, seek no recognition, be grateful for my many gifts, bring beauty to others, be balanced so I can be the best me in the service others, bring a spirit of service and passion to everything I do. The most important tenet of my value system is love others enough to do them no harm, make no wake, and protect the innocent. There is an amendment to that philosophy if you make me your enemy and hurt me, damage me, or hurt those I love I can be a remorseless enemy and depending on the severity of the hurt I can be utterly ruthless. Whoa! I went DARK right there. From daughter raised by Hippy Superhero mom to psycho vigilante raised by a disillusioned Corp, country, family and 1% dad in a few short words.

Well... that is perfect!

This is the juxtaposition of 1Elle, this is the yin and yang of me, light and dark, my dichotomy of me. I am an imperfect person in an imperfect world, but I strive to learn all the lessons I can from the mistakes I make. If you have a question or concern contact me directly. No one can tell you more about me than me.
I live life fully and accept my responsibility for anything good, bad or neutral I have done. I have a deep desire for self-knowledge and discovery. I hope to one day understand the motivations of those people who constantly cause grief to strangers for unfathomable reasons. I love to travel, learn and create.

Likes Gifts, humor, intelligence, confidence, well groomed, and good kissers.
Dislikes gross personal hygiene habits, manipulation, whining, victim or martyr behavior, arrogance
Hobbies beautifying junk, coloring masterpieces, reading weighty tomes
Favorite Food(s) Most food especially hot cheetos and Ding Dongs (chocolate ones).
Favorite Beverages pure leaf sweet tea and coke (not mixed)
Favorite Flower sunflowers
Favorite Perfume hmmm... Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy Gold
Favorite Color Kelly green
Favorite Animal men... roflmao
Favorite Music punk rock and alternative NO COUNTRY MUSIC EVER
Favorite Holiday ALL holidays that are big FOOD holidays
Preferred Gifts Amazon cards, other gift cards, punk or ironic t-shirts, and really anything you think of... I've been blown away so far...


Date Encounter/Author Recommendation Report a Problem
03-17-2019 Encounter by Vanguard357 Hell Yes
03-13-2019 Encounter by Always a gent Yes
02-19-2019 Encounter by Bubba147 Yes
02-13-2019 Encounter by luvme2x Yes
02-11-2019 Encounter by averageguy12367 Yes
02-05-2019 Encounter by jofms Yes
01-18-2019 Encounter by number6 Yes
12-31-2018 Encounter by hockeyfan Yes
12-12-2018 Encounter by EastTexasGrown Yes
12-01-2018 Encounter by Bubba147 Yes

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