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The Political Forum Discuss anything related to politics in this forum. World politics, US Politics, State and Local.

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Old 12-06-2018, 10:26 PM   #16
dilbert firestorm
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Originally Posted by Cumandgitit View Post
You guys who buy the Trump hatred and lies are who really scare me.
Thump's actions in the middle East have made all Americans fair game as targets anywhere outside of the United States.
His actions (rather his NON ACTIONS regarding the Saudi Prince) has essentially indicated that one can kill Americans in a foreign country
without any consequences if the killer is rich enough. All he cares about is money -- his money!!
I say BULLSHIT. TRUMP is a menace to our country and he is tearing it apart, spewing hatred and making constant lying the norm as a way of governing.
His lawyer, Rudy Gilliani (sp) said it all for him when he said about one of Trump's whoppers, "Truth isn't truth!"
He has no respect for anyone or anything except himself and his money. Did you see him at the Bush funeral? He folded his arms and pouted
the whole time because he wasn't the center of attention. He looked like to me he needed a nipple to suck on!!
What a coward! He dodged the draft 7 times because he had a hangnail. What a poor, spoiled little baby! May God help us from Donald Trump!!

as compared to Obama and Clinton who were part of the China & mid-east problem.
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