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The Sandbox - National The Sandbox is a collection of off-topic discussions. Humorous threads, Sports talk, and a wide variety of other topics can be found here. If it's NOT hobby-related, then you're in the right place!

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Old 08-12-2017, 06:42 AM   #16
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Thank you all for the advice.
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The real question hasn't been asked yet. Gypsy, are you looking to lean out, or build muscle? If you want to lean out may I suggest light weights with high reps (minimum of 15 reps/ set), but if you want to build muscle, I'd suggest lifting to failure (max reps are 8). As far as nutrition, eat lots of protein as it's the muscle feeding food, chicken (boneless and skinless), turkey, tuna fish, lean and I mean lean meats, egg whites (either in the form of an emolette or hard boiled). Carbs stay far away from simple carbs as they're generally loaded with sugar, complex carbs are good if eaten just before your workout as they will give you fuel to push out the last few reps. Last but least look at the fats you're eating, do some research and know the difference from good and bad fats. Remember everybody's body is different, find out what works for you and build on that.
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Someone starting out should never lift to failure. That is an accident waiting to happen.
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Mr MojoRisin
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Originally Posted by pyramider View Post
Someone starting out should never lift to failure. That is an accident waiting to happen.
You're absolutely right, but you can't tell anybody anything in here. When beginning weight training not only do you have to condition your body but your nervous system as well. Overloading the body too soon shuts down the nervous system. It kind of works like this. You get eight reps on your first set and you reach failure, your second set you might get two or three reps or you'll cheat a few more with poor form cause your nervous system is taxed. There is no point in that other than setting one up for injury.

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Some red meat isn't bad but it's not the best source of protein. White meats, fish, eggs and dairy products are better sources for protein. If you eat tuna fish try albacore, it's higher in omega 3's.

Don't be cutting fats out completely. Your body needs fats and cholesterol for proper functioning.

If you're looking to gain muscle mass and strength free weights are best. But you need to change it up like Elle said. Muscle tissue adapts to what you're doing fairly quick. Can switch between free weights and machines every few weeks or so.
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