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Old 03-24-2019, 08:58 PM   #1
~Goddess of S I N~
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Wink Craving a trip and luxury in Vegas! to work and play! :)

Ive been craving a trip to
Las Vegas so bad, I can't stand myself!!!
For Work....and Play !!!!

Ive been to 20 states or so, but never
Las Vegas or Nevada.... lol. Pitiful! I know!
Haha! I love to fly and Ive flown plenty of times
And I'm having a Devil of a time getting
1 CHEAP round trip ticket to Vegas not first class for May or
June or July....

Lol...and finding
THE BEST HOTEL !!!! for 1 or 2 people... &

2 CHEAP round trip tickets to Kentucky for September

for another event....

So im definitely doing some things wrong.

I dont know the best sites for airfare ...

Obviously. Ive checked...

Dang it !!!! It pisses me off !!!
Anyone' have any great advice for me on airfare

Or Vegas hotels or all this above.

My Email below is best way, to tell me. .
Thanks in advance!!!! Zena.
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Old 03-25-2019, 04:42 AM   #2
Flash Gordon
Gaining Momentum
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Check your g.mail account. Linus
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Old 04-04-2019, 02:46 PM   #3
Valued Poster
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I still like Bellagio because of the Dancing fountain, that fascinates me.

Don't do Vegas in July, August or September, it will be very hot, like 115 degrees. You can still go out at night but your daytime fun or by the pool will be limited because it is so scorching hot. Rates are cheaper at that time however.

Cosmopolitan is nice also and Aria.
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Old 04-04-2019, 08:31 PM   #4
Valued Poster
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Las Vegas is a fun place to play. I would highly recommend going before the end of May or wait till November of next year. Starting in June the temperature will start to soar. Temperatures of 115 with lows in the 90s are not uncommon. It's a dry heat, but unless you like the heat or just want to live inside or in the pool, I would avoid Las Vegas during the summer months.

For me flights from Sacramento cost 69$ each way on Southwest, or if you want stike a deal with a hobbiest on the site to cover your travel costs if you rock his world every morning and night.
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Old 04-04-2019, 10:19 PM   #5
Premium Access
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Its a fun place to play airfare from Texas usually in the 300.find sugar daddy
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Old 04-11-2019, 12:34 PM   #6
Sweet Florida Girl
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Use google flights, it finds you the cheapest hotel deals. Also recommend joining an airfare rewards program such as American Airlines or Delta Airlines. You can swap airfare points with Hilton Honors rewards if you are a member also.
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Old 04-12-2019, 02:34 PM   #7
KosherCowboy's Avatar
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Originally Posted by Zena View Post
1 CHEAP round trip ticket to Vegas not first class for May or
June or July....

Lol...and finding
THE BEST HOTEL !!!! for 1 or 2 people... &

2 CHEAP round trip tickets to Kentucky for September
The Airline rewards are great for the frequent flyer and best if coupled with a credit card; I have the AMEX/Delta Sky Miles co-brand card but the benefits of an airline reward program need time to compile over time/usage. Plenty of sites to side-by-side compare the airlines or the Star Alliance vs the Sky Alliance or One World Alliance etc.

In your case you are looking for the best deal out there. Pull out all the stops, the airlines site themselves, sites like Orbitz or if they have in your area a site like this:

https://escapeatx.com/ ; try Priceline too.

One problem all flyers are looking at right now ( more so the medium and long hauls) is that the price of Crude is way up. When crude is up they jack up the rates overnight yet when crude is down it seems to take them months to drop prices.

A good friend who works for AA gave me a tip that has proven to be invaluable. Middle of the night sales between 12 AM- 4 AM; I have gotten lucky a few times but it is a crapshoot and is really more for international than domestic but one never knows! . They will drop the price sometimes drastically, sell a few seats than axe the sale. Gone by sunrise.

Just be persistent. Keep searching, like throwing spaghetti up against the wall, do it enough times one will stick. Good luck in your search, your flight is out there just a matter of time till you find it. Have a good time in Vegas.

Happy travels..
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Old 04-14-2019, 08:03 AM   #8
Avion Taylor
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Im from las vegas and i love it there. It's hot in the summer but it's weird i never realized it.
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